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SP – Released March 11th 2019


Winter is a progressive metal cover of the first movement of Vilvaldi’s renowned concerto for violin, Winter (The Four Seasons). 
Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “L’inverno” (Winter)



Because how often does someone release metal music you can play without bugging your uptight roommate?

Metal Sucks


EP – Released August 31th 2018


Right after the release of their debut album Erosion , Cydemind was approached to write music for Navyblue and the Spectrum Killer, a platform game produced by Hyper Combo Studio. This project is the band’s first take in this sphere of the musical industry, in which they aspire to be part of. 

Cydemind wrote the music for all the levels of the game, adapting its style to enhance the design and story behind each of them. Inspired by the project, the band offered the studio to go one step further and fully produce an extended version of Navyblue’s main theme and one of its levels : Intercom Tower. Those two pieces show very contrasting styles and gave to the band the opportunity to explore new sounds such as layered synthetisers and exotic percussions. 

If you want to hear the whole soundtrack, go grab your copy of Navyblue and Spectrum Killer!

Navye Blue

 Lights of Iberia





LP – Released May 26th 2017


Erosion gravitates around the theme of nature and its persistence through time. Consisting of six tracks including a 27 minute masterpiece, Erosion is Cydemind’s most ambitious project. It offers progressive music like it has never been heard before : a violin leads and guides the listener through the complex rhythms and structures of each song. The presence of the grand piano throughout the album also adds a touch of classical music to it. On top of those unique characteristics, Erosion displays all the musical elements which a prog fan could wish for : heavy riffing, catchy choruses (if they can be called choruses!), crazy solos, odd-time grooves, etc.

What Remains
Tree of Tales
Red Tides
Stream Capture


“Cydemind has […] presented what will easily be among the top prog metal albums of the year…”

Metal Underground

“Allard’s playing is by turns dizzyingly nimble and achingly plangent, and the band – park the showboating and pull relentlessly in the same coherent, melodic direction.”

Prog #78

The next big musical act in the world of instrumental progressive metal”

MUEN Magazine


SP – Released October 5th 2015


What Remains is instrumental progressive metal band Cydemind’s first single. Blending heavy guitars with classical violin, the piece offers a unique take on instrumental progressive metal. This song will also end up on the band’s first album, expected in fall 2016.

What Remains



EP – Released November 3th 2014


Through Mists and Ages is instrumental progressive metal band Cydemind’s first EP. The group, based in Montreal, Canada, presents two very contrasting pieces that show well the rock, jazz and classical influences of the five musicians. With a 16 minutes lenght, the EP reveals the innovative style of the band that aspires to become a pillar on the international progressive scene.

Through Mists and Ages
Stream Capture